Here is Jo FitzGerald with her new children’s book – ‘Cold Toes at Christmas’.

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About the book:

This book is hugely special to Jo, it’s part of her childhood story, and is dedicated to her wonderful Dad.

In some cases, one or more parent is working over Christmas – nurses, police, sailors, and many more. In other cases, families that once were together are now living apart. In these cases, children may look at Christmas with sadness and longing. But there is hope!

In this delightfully illustrated story, Grandma tells her little ones about a Christmas she remembers, when she was very young, in her home far away. She was feeling sad and lonely and knew her Mum was sad too. She wanted things to be better – and if you throw a wish up to the sky, who knows what might happen?!

Written by children’s author and parenting expert Jo FitzGerald, and illustrated by the wonderful children’s

artist Embla Granqvist, it’s a magical story of love, wonder, imagination, hope, and Santa as you’ve never seen him before!

Or maybe you would prefer to purchase a copy NOW!

Click here to go to: Tiny Sponges Website


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