Hello and Thank you for taking your time to read my #blog!

Just in case you did not know, my name is Netty (Annette) and I love doing what I’m doing.

It started with being given the opportunity to build up VIPMums from nothing to where it is now.

Oh boy it’s been a journey, I do the online work and my business partner Gavin does the IT that I simply knew nothing about when I first started, I was even a virgin to Twitter and so with just one false move and the website could crash, although I’m learning more as I go along and feel more confident working within the back end of our website now and I know there’s lots more to learn.

I wanted you to understand me, from leaving school I worked within the Travel industry travelling the World, then onto having my family, twins, boy/girl, then a boy and that was it!

Our twins are now 22 and just hoping no babies for a fair few years, as I’m not ready to be a Nanny at 48.

After having my 3 children, I went onto working within various child care settings, as it fitted in with their schooling,  gaining qualifications as I went along and ending up working at the best setting of all A School for Children with Severe Learning difficulties, 3 minutes walk from my home, I loved my job, it was a pleasure to go to work, but then that feeling came, if I do not have a baby now, it’ll be too late and so I did it, we had baby 4 and I never returned to work.

I then put all that I had learnt working within the childcare settings and produced my first book on a CD-rom, Ready to go art covered facts and printable activities to use with children between 2-6 or older depending on the child’s developmental needs, this was then later converted into a download and then 2 more downloadable eBooks came along, now Ready to go art just sits and waits for orders, everything is done via online technology.

PS: You can order my first Ready to go art eBook one via our website

here’s the link: https://www.vipmums.co.uk/shop/ebook/

And then we get to here! VIPMums combining our Facebook group,pages and Twitter profiles we now have just under 30,000 followers/likers/members which could be a bloomin great reach.

I say this as I’m not pretending to know the ins and outs of the online world, far from it, there’s lots of great social media marketing people out there, I’m working my way through the many paths, learning new things along the way!

Since starting VIPMums we have adapted for the needs of our members, changing all the time and now I have the confidence to be paid to use the links and resources I have to be able to share our members across various social networking sites.

We have a TRIAL on at the moment for £9.99 to give you an idea of our £24.99 package, for £9.99 you have all that a £24.99 package offers but in a smaller version and over 2 weeks, hopefully you will be happy with my work and invest in our TOP (got it all) package after the two weeks TRIAL!

click here for more details about both packages:

£24.99 package: https://www.vipmums.co.uk/shop/be-promoted-everywhere/

£9.99 Trial: https://www.vipmums.co.uk/shop/be-promoted-for-only-9-99/

We first recommend that before placing your order with us, to join and complete your profile, having all your details reduces the time it takes me to start promoting your business or products!

Pop on over and join us it’s FREE!

* Add your own #blogs

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* Connect with other families and businesses

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Click here to visit VIPMums website: https://vipmums.co.uk

Look forward to seeing you there from Netty x



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