Smokey and the Disappearing Fish – Children’s Book by A.L. Tayler


While out for his morning gallop along the beach Smokey notices something strange. Why is the lighthouse lamp flashing during the day? He soon finds out the reason, Silver the Seaman is concerned that there are fewer and fewer fish in the sea. With the help of his friend Ollie the Octopus, Smokey discovers why all the fish are disappearing. Smokey arrives at a cunning plan. Find out if Smokey’s plan succeeds in this delightful and beautifully illustrated story for younger children. The Smokey Books adventure series are created by Anna Louise Tayler. They are based on her family’s pets. Smokey who plays the lead character is a white Welsh Mountain Pony, whose best friends are Portia and Balou. The animals have very individual characteristics, which are portrayed in each of the stories. Portia is a very posh Persian Cat, who knows she is beautiful and frequently gets into scrapes. Balou is a happy go lucky Hungarian Vizsla Dog, who is always there as a good friend to everyone.

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