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Place a featured advert with us and have it displayed within our website for a whole month!

VIPMums will then share your advert within our Pinterest page:


Your advert will also be shared every week for 4 weeks on VIPMums Twitter page:

https://twitter.com/VIPMums  where we have over 15,000 followers.

Before you purchase this stand alone advert of £4.99 we would like to let you know about our inclusive package 1. as we have a special offer at the moment:

VIPMums is offering our £24.99 package to you for one months trial at an amazing price of ONLY £9.99.

Our inclusive package 1. includes a featured advert worth £4.99 and your VIPMums profile, advert and social media sites are shared for 5 days a week for 4 weeks.

Please do carry on and purchase a stand alone advert for £4.99, we just we wanted you to know what else is also available.

If you decide to purchase the trial package click here:


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