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She says she’s TRANS and is she’s only 10 years old!

OK, so I’m nearing 50 and when I was a kid, I heard nothing about Lesbians and gays, but I was a Tomboy, my sister 4 years older than me, would say to me “but what you gunna do when you get boobs?

I would reply, I will wear more clothes and even baggier, I preferred being a Tomboy, as boys had so much fun and wanted to play, having a laugh, the girls seemed to talk about make-up, girly stuff and bitch about others.

So for me being a Tomboy was way far better than being a GIRL!

When I had left school and started work, obviously things change, I met my first ever gay person and you know what he was such a lovely person to be friends with, he would discuss his on and off relationship and I would support him, not sure what it was but I could really relate to him.

I went on to marrying and having 4 great kids, who I am very proud of, one of my children’s friends confided in me and told me that he was gay and was unable to tell his mum.

He was 15 going on 16 and we chatted, all I could tell him was if he was my son it would not matter, you are who you are or want to be. Hopefully I supported him and said it would be best he did not let his mum know I knew before her, so he plucked up the courage and told her, she went mad and didn’t speak to him, his mum called mme and I talked to her as if I didn’t know anything and with good news he is now 22 and gay and his mum accepts him, if she hadn’t I would of got involved, as his sister is a lesbian and the mum accepts her daughter’s choices.

This now leads onto my youngest child who is only 10 and in year 5 of the juniors school, she has always been girly, wanting girly things, everything was a she or she’d say “it’s a her”.

In year 4 she said to me that she wanted to ask her best friend to be her girlfriend, I explained she is your girl- friend now and tried to say that you love her, because she is your best friend, nothing more was said, until I received a note from my daughter saying “It’s hard for me to tell you this, but I need to, I am TRANS”.

I couldn’t brush this under the carpet this is serious, so I asked her what TRANS met to her.

There was no hesitation, she said she is a boy in a girls body! I tried explaining that I was a Tomboy and that maybe she is too and is getting confused with all these different gender types being thrown into our kids faces, but no she will not accept this, she is TRANS!

So what does this mean, is she not happy, all I know is she wants our support and I will give it, but I told my husband and he has gone ballistic, obviously it’s all my fault, I let her have Youtube, but it’s not just Youtube they talk at playtime about these things.

So for now I am working on her dad, he’s upset as she is only 10 years old and simply cannot get his head around it, I’m so hoping she is a tomboy as I believe children born after the late 1980’s have been brought into all the issues to with everyone’s different sexuality. I know I was a girl, I knew I could not change and I grew up and now these children are all so confused, I am now looking online for advise of how to work through this, as I say not an issue with me, but my husband just simply cannot get to grips that his daughter with long curly locks wants all her hair cut off and to be called Tommy

I will add to this blog, what I find on the internet about parents and gender issues and how we are handling it.

Thanks for reading from Marie-Jayne July 2019 #blog 4


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