Open Your Own Store In Minutes

Forget all the expense of building your own website and then having to pay huge amounts of money for traffic. You can now sell your products and manage your own shop easily on VIP Mums.

  • 100% FREE to open and 7% advertising fee on all products sold.
  • Setup your store in minutes with our Store Wizard Setup.
  • Payments made instantly into your stripe account.
  • Manage orders, view reports and add products all from your selling manager dashboard.
  • Showcase your products to a targeted audience which is growing everyday.



Open Your Store To A Targeted Audience

Store Wizard Setup

Setup your own store in minutes with our Store Wizard Setup, just click on the button and follow the simple steps, you will be up & running in no time.

Frontend Dashboard for Vendors

Running you store could not be easier, this is all done with a easy frontend dashboard, its all fully responsive so you can also make updates & changes while on the go.

Frontend Product Management

Adding products is a breeze, you can choose between simple, variable, downloadable or virtual products, add images, text, attributes, prices & lots more all at a click of a button.

Order Management

Manage your orders easily with a full invoice system, your in full control with every option you need, this includes all the buyers details, packing slips, add tracking numbers & lots more.

Instant Payments Via Stripe

Get paid instantly via Stripe, as soon as your customer checks out, your money will be paid into your Stripe account, less the 7% advertising fee.

Your Own Store

Your store will be showcased to a targeted audience, you can add a cover photo, profile image, social media links, your own SEO & more, you have the flexibility to make your store stand out.

Order Email Notifications

Never miss a order as you will receive an e-mail as soon as a buyer has checked out & completed their order.

Shipping Management

Take control of all your shipping prices, you can set your prices in bulk, for each individual item, for extra items ordered or FREE shipping.

Product Reviews

Buyers can easily leave reviews for your products, this is a great way to get your products showcased on other areas of the website.

Coupon Creation

Creating a coupon or deal has never been easier, just choose a code, then add an amount or percentage discount, choose which products, or all of them, within a few clicks your offer is places at the top of your store.

Sales Reports

Get full sales reports, the seller dashboard is really advanced and you can see everything you need within one place. Choose from daily sales, top earning, top performing, statements & more.

Full Invoicing System

You can send & print invoices & packing slips easily, these are all automatically created for you with each order, it really could not be simpler.

To open a store on VIP Mums takes minutes, we have a fully integrated Store Wizard Setup feature, you can take payments easily via Stripe, you get a full dashboard which is loaded with features and reports to make your store stand out.

Forget paying a fortune for a new website, then SEO, then hosting fees, VIP Mums is 100% FREE to open a shop.

We just charge a small 7% advertising fee on all products sold, if you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay anything, we have no hidden fees.

VIP Mums is 100% FREE to open your shop.

We charge a small 7% advertising fee on all products sold, if you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay anything, we have no hidden fees.

No, all shops must be UK based to ensure that all currency and deliveries are the same for all members.

No, you can upgrade and downgrade your package at anytime.

Yes, once you have upgraded to our VIP Mums Seller account your store will be pending briefly while our team check over your details, these are normally activated within two working days, if you are rejected your membership level will still be active on the FREE VIP Mums Star membership.

During the setup with or Wizard Store Setup you will be asked to link you Stripe account, if you don;t have one, don’t worry it takes just a couple of minutes, their are no monthly fees with Stripe either making it one of the leading payment platforms.

Yes, you have full control of all your store options & customer orders.

Yes, you have full control of all shipping & postage options, this can be bulk set or you can do it for each individual product, you can add tracking number, offer FREE postage as well as per extra item costs.

This is all done from your seller dashboard, it gives you lots of reports, features, options & variations.

VIP Mums is a mums & kid related community, so all products must be suitable & not of an adult nature.

Yes, just click on product variations when adding a product, create your attributes and click on list variations, it will create them all for you.

Yes, just click on add product & choose either downloadable or virtual.

Yes you can add all your social media links to your store. You can also add a map, contact email and a contact form.

Yes, you can add a map easily that we have linked to google.

Yes, just select yes from your seller dashboard options, you will receive e-mails from all customer enquiries.

You will get an e-mail send to your inbox.

Yes, in your products manager you will have full stock control options.

Yes, just click on coupons from your seller dashboard, add your code, the amount or percentage off, for which products, or all of them, Your deal will show at the top of your store.

If a customer returns the product to you and its within your returns policy, and its send back in the time frame in good condition, then you must refund your customer in full.

Yes, this is really easy to do, this can be done from your seller dashboard.

Yes, all products on VIP Mums can be reviewed, this helps other buyers make a decision.

Yes, you can choose to add SEO to help you stand out, this also helps for google searches.

Yes, you can change your membership level at anytime, please note if you are using certain features you may lose all the content and we will not be able to retrieve this for you.

Yes, you can cancel you membership at anytime, please note that all your content will be lost and we cannot retrieve this for you.

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