The online market for buying and selling items for baby and child keeps growing. In the last 12 months, the number of average monthly online searches in the UK for the words Baby Toys and Toys For Kids was over 48,000 combined. That does not include any of the other high volume search terms such as Toys for Girls or Toys for Boys.

Whether you want to sell brand new, hand made or preloved baby orchildrens items, it is really easy (and free) to list them for sale on  We are a new site and we are looking for sellers in all areas of the UK.

When you advertise your items for sale on, they are available to local buyers who will pay you cash on collection. There are no fees for using our website, it’s a free selling site, so the money you make selling is all yours.

Create an account on Buyanythinglocal and you can start listing all the things you want to sell right away. Once listed, links to your items can be shared to Facebook groups, Twitter or anywhere else where you want people to see them.

If you sell multiple items, you can even share the link to your seller’s page so people can see ALL your items with just one click.

Create a free account and create as many free adverts as you need.


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