• Well dear I think as you are from show business People follow you. You are kinda celebrity , you should tell them what you are going to do. It will surely inspire women about surrogacy and through this you can spread awareness which is all we need. And If you want to hide it from public as its your life, you can do what you want . You should…[Read more]

  • “Hi there hope you are fine. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Am glad that in your hard times you didn’t loose hope and keep on fighting and finally get your happiness. Patience and being positive is the key to get happiness. You didn’t loose hope that is the reason you got the fruits of your patience. Surrogacy indeed is a blessing of…[Read more]

  • Hi there hope you are doing good. Really sorry to know what you are going through. Life sometimes becomes so hard and we can’t do any thing that is the frustrated time of our life.Am Sorry that you didn’t able to conceive but you should be positive. Your time will also come. God forbid if things didn’t work out naturally then you should go for…[Read more]

  • Hy there,How are you dear? Hope you are doing great. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Reading these successful stories inspires me alot and give me hope. Am Sad that you faced infertility in your life. I know that was very tough time of your life which you faced very bravely. Aghh Our society sucks , instead of supporting and caring women in…[Read more]

  • hey there am really sorry to hear what you had gone through. The thing which makes me happy that you decided best option for you. Surrogacy is the blessing of science.It will surely change your life and will gave you happiness. Good luck to you. Our prayers are with you. You are going to have a great journey.

  • Hey there how are you? Hope you are doing great. No need to be confused dear. Do talk with your husband , your closed ones and go for any of them after proper discusion.Well If you wissed to have your own genetic child then surrogacy will be best for you.Surrogacy is not that much expensive too. Well choice is yours

  • SaaraKim replied to the topic Surrogacy in the forum Assisted Conception 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi there, how are you doing? I hope you are in good health. This thread is very emotional and comment sections are amazing. It give me great feeling to express my words here as there are so many ladies like me who are there to support me. While choosing between surrogacy and IVF I would recommend you to go for surrogacy. WELL these both…[Read more]

  • “Hey Lisa how are you hope you are fine thanks for posting here in this forum. This is very short but to the point thread. We should spread awareness about these process in every possible way. People are full of misconceptions about surrogacy which is very heartbreaking for me.I think we should organize seminars for this purpose so that we can…[Read more]

  • Hey there hope you are fine. Its good to know that you are hopeful. Never loose faith. All these hard times lead us to beautiful destination.Hope you get good piece of word here in these forums.My good wishes and prayers are with you.Sending you baby dust.Cheers

  • Am sorry for what you are facing. All these difficulties are natuaral and we can’t do any thing for it. You should be positive. I would recommend you to go for surrogacy. It is like a last hope for you and many women out there. You should choose Europe for your treatments. The clinics there are of very good standard.

  • “Hi dear hope you are fine.Really Sorry to know about your friend’s difficulties with TTC. Its good to know that you are supporting her in her hard times.
    Much appreciation for you.Well moving toward your question I would say IVF is bit lengthy process.Success rates are good but not that good enough.There are chances that the process may not be…[Read more]

  • Hy Anna How are you.Really sorry to know what you are going through.Being not able to conceive naturally is frustrated and difficult to face in this society. Gladly now there are solutions of our problems. I would suggest you to look for other options too like surrogacy. There are many clinics who are providing these facilities in affordable…[Read more]

  • Hy Nima Hope you are in good health.Really grieved to know about your infertility.Well moving toward your question I would say It will be all your choice. If you need my suggestion I would suggest you to have your own genetic child through surrogacy. Well Good luck

  • “Hi Emilia. We all love kids and want to conceive naturally but some of us can’t able to do so.
    Well I have seen many couple out here who give up so soon which is so frustrating for me.
    It’s good to know that you are trying other ways to be mom. Its ok if things didn’t work out for you through IUI.
    You should go for IVF , it has high success…[Read more]

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