• VIPMums: Netty posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    It’s gone one in the morning and I am so so happy, having to tell our members with stores we were having to close them, I then messed up the back end of our website and made lots of pages have ERROR 404, as I mentioned before, I have had to learn as I go along and this ERROR 404 was my fault and so after hours and hours go round and round my website, I am excited to say that EVERYTHING is working!
    Within the MEMBER’S ACTIVITY tab, there are these features for you all to use:

    *Activity feed – so share your #news
    *Blogs – Tell us about your business in a #blog
    *Add your competitions
    *View other members profiles
    *Check our members Stores
    Remember what you type in the ACTIVITY FEED the first sentence is displayed within your front page of your profile, it’s a great way to showcase briefly what your business/service involve.
    I best get to sleep, but wanted to share my joy about fixing the site, everything is working and I will be asking our members/followers and likers their opinions about keeping the stores within our website, if they had to pay a fee!

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