• I know you will be able to help yourself out of it. Life of people has been made worse because of surrogacy. I know some clinics in Europe that would help you. I wish you to find a suitable place for you. I hope you are able to find things out. Best of luck.

  • I hope you are doing good in life. People have been living like this for many years. They need to understand surrogacy is a modern process that can help you have your own children. Don’t listen to them, go for it. It will help you with many things in your life. People who have done it are happy and satisfied with their lives.

  • I hope you are fine and living a wonderful life. Surrogacy has been helping people for some time. It can be depressing for people that they are unable to have children. Their lives become not that joyful as they were before. They have been working their way out of it life has become like a net for them. Trying surrogacy has helped people a lot.…[Read more]

  • Life has been unfair to you and we cannot actually understand what you are going through. One thing is that you can always go for surrogacy. It will solve many of your problems. You will be able to have your own child. people have made surrogacy a taboo. My aunt went for it. She is now blessed with a child through surrogacy. Her life changed after…[Read more]

  • MC can leave devastating effects on peoples life both mentally and physically. People in the past who were infertile had to go through a lot and with that, they were also deprived of the best feeling in the world, that is having your own child. Modern science has nowadays have made many advancements that can help people have their own child. There…[Read more]

  • Finding a good clinic can solve many of your problems. This will take down a headache off your head. Clinics like lotus and Adios are not good at what they are doing. They lack professionalism. I hope you get a good clinic for surrogacy and I would like to see you live a happy and prosperous life with your child.

  • Surrogacy is a safe procedure. It helps infertile couples to have their own children. All you need to do is find a good clinic. People have now made clinics that are inefficient. Clinics like lotus and Adios are not worth going they lack communication. You need to find a good clinic so that many of your problems are taken away. I hope you live a…[Read more]

  • I believe you are fine and living a happy life. IVF treatments are only good if you have a good uterus. People do duffer from a lot of things for having their own children. Scientists have made new technologies through which infertile people can have their own children. Their life will become easy and the depressions would fade away. I know some…[Read more]

  • Surrogacy is a good procedure, that helps people to have children of their own. It has been a blessing for people who are unable to conceive or infertile. This has changed their life for the better of it. My cousin is infertile. She could not have her own children, she made her life miserable when she came to know about this fact. She was then…[Read more]

  • My life took a turning point when I had an accident and lost my baby. The doctors told me that after that I could never become a mother. I felt so much disappointed. This was the time I came to know about surrogacy. I was very much worried. I thought that this could solve my problem and it actually did. I am now living a normal life. God bless us all.

  • I can understand the life you are living. It can be tough if you are unable to have your own baby. Many clinics in different European countries have good clinics that provide them the surrogate mothers. And they will provide everything for you to go for surrogacy. You need to look for the best available to you. My aunt went to a clinic in Ukraine…[Read more]

  • Being infertile is not your fault neither you need to make your life hell. There are problems that occur in a person’s problem. My cousin suffered the same problem and she now has her own baby boy. Try surrogacy as it can bring the happiness to your life which you were lacking. I hope all your problems fade away.

  • Not being able to have your own children can be a problem and people have been going through this problem for ages. This problem is now solved and everyone should be happy because of it. There are some clinics that help in surrogacy so people should go for it. They usually provide you with what you want. People must give them a visit.

  • Humans in our society who are unable to conceive become disappointed. They think of themselves as the unluck. But fortunately, scientists have made so many advances that one can have their own children. They should have the support of their DH. They should go for SURROGACY. It is a pretty good thing and can solve most f your problems. My friend…[Read more]

  • I hope you are doing good in life and I know life becomes hard for many of us. This does not mean we do nothing and become only numb. We need to help our selves. Science has made so many advances that people who could not have their children in the past can now have their own children. This is revolutionizing and people have done this many of the…[Read more]

  • I feel sorry for you by knowing that you have been through MC. People have been making their life difficult because they were not able to have children. MC can affect your reproduction system. You can try for surrogacy. There are clinics that can do that. I hope you can solve ypur problems. Do visit clinics if in need of help.

  • I can understand that life has been bad. MC has made you feel bad. It can make the life of people around here bad. I know coming out of a miscarriage is not easy and some people will surely never come out of it. People who have been living there lives as normal people cannot understand this issue. I would like to tell you that it is your life and…[Read more]

  • Glad to know about you being able to have a child. Having your own children is the best feeling. People who are unable to conceive should go for surrogacy as this is a good solution for it. In this procedure, you require a surrogate mother which will hold your child for you. My colleague went for this procedure and she was able to help herself by…[Read more]

  • I know it is a difficult situation for you. You have been a lot. The thing you always need to remember is to stay strong. If you will not remain strong then you won’t be able to live your life. Don’t listen to the people. You have been trying to have a child but if not possible. You can go for surrogacy or IVF as suggested by your doctors. Being a…[Read more]

  • Hey there! Happy to see you here, getting benefits from this platform. My best friend who is very close to me went for surrogacy. She went to Europe for it. They gave her the best facility and services. They provided the best atmosphere that was there. Surrogates should be respected as they also have sacrificed a lot. Best of luck to all those who…[Read more]

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