• hey there i think you have a chance at getting pregnant,but also i would suggest that you visit a specialist just to get things clear on what you should be doing so that you can conceive.all the best.

  • hey there,its good that as a friend you are that concerned with the well being of your friend.it would be good if you advice your friend to get themselves checked in a good clinic just to find out what the problem really is and to know the way forward.

  • hey dear,
    The key is to have sex in the days before and during ovulation. That way, the sperm cells are in the fallopian tubes when the egg is released. This makes it easier for fertilization to occur. Sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for up to four or five days.if that is not working for you,you can visit a specialist and maybe…[Read more]

  • hey dear,
    Natural cycle IVF (in vitro fertilization) is very similar to standard in vitro fertilization, but just without the use of large amounts of medications to stimulate the ovary to make multiples eggs.

  • hello audrey,first of all i want to say sorry for what your going through usually when you have unexplained infertility its that the cause is not known but i would still advice you to not give up am sure you can try visiting other doctors and also other clinics just to get your answers.there are also other ways you can still have kids…[Read more]

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