What is Maternity Mammy? 

I guess it’s me opening up. 

Or it will be, at some point.

‘I don’t think you have any idea how poorly you’ve been.’ That was one of the last things the nurse said to me before I was discharged from hospital after having my daughter. 

She was six weeks premature, born in rather dramatic fashion and would remain in the Special Care Baby Unit while I went home.

She also said it will hit me at some point. 

It hasn’t yet.

So I guess this is pre empting something that might happen and as its good to talk thought it might help.

I do talk openly about our situation. In short I had severe pre eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. But chatting about it is a different ball game to writing it down, penning how you remember things unfolding. 

As well, I’d like to try and raise awareness of the two conditions. What I knew about them I could write on the back of a stamp before I had them.

So slowly I’ll relay back the story of when I became a Maternity Mammy and see how it goes. 

Happy reading x

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