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1.    My Second Blog 15/06/2019


Hello again, if this is the first time you have read my blogs, not too worry as this is my second ever blog! And I hope to put lots more blogs together giving them a title, so they can be easily found on the internet, as I think blogging is a great way to share your life experiences and adventures, so where do I begin, I guess the beginning.

But what’s the beginning, when I was born, boring, growing up, maybe, which reminds me of Knock Down Ginger, we had such a laugh playing that, we would sometimes do the whole block or square, we’d all knock on the doors, run and hide, then we’d watch all the neighbours opening their doors, once though, one of the neighbours was not happy and the man ran after us.

I could see him, but my other mate was behind me, Dene was much slower, I managed to hide in a bush as Dene ran past me, followed by the man, who grabbed Dene and punched him in the face, still hiding in the bush, panting quietly, I watch the angry man walk past me, wow now that was a shake up, poor Dene, gradually we all met back up and have a bloomin great laugh about it!

Growing was fun, bunking off school and playing board games in our family caravan, which was positioned in our family garden, talk about being close to home and getting court.

40/40 was another game we liked playing, riding our bikes and venturing around our town, going to the lakes, swimming and the rest, being a Tom Boy for me was great, as I got the best of both worlds and found that boys were so much fun, girls seemed to talk about others, comparing everyone, but the boys just had a laugh and played there was no bitchiness, I enjoyed my country life, well I thought Wiltshire was the only piece of the country within England, as I only knew my other relatives, lived in London, Kent and Essex and they all seemed to be full of roads, houses and big buildings, that reminds me of thinking the Black and White days was actually Black and White, there was no colour back then I thought, the photos and tv was black and white, so I just thought there was no colour years ago, wow how our minds work as a child growing up.

Well I guess I should go now and hope to have you visit me again, have a great day wherever you are!

From Marie-Jayne x 


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