I’m like a kid in a sweet shop!

VIPMums is growing daily with Twitter followers now over 14,700 and our website here has 1430 members, with members opening stores and adding such lovely products and best of all seeing sales, makes me feel like it’s working!

The last few weeks we’ve had issue with our website stores and we wondered whether it was worth the hassle and to pay the renewal fees to keep them.
I simply had to keep the stores, the reason why VIPMums was put together was to help families build up their businesses, brand, products or services within a FREE network, where we all help each other.

To me the stores within VIPMums is our unique selling point, as well as all the other features we offer also for FREE!
I’ve built a bond with our members and their stores and would be lost without them!


To this day I have not seen a website that has what we have to give, people say but there’s many other family sites out there, all of which are doing what you do.
This is where they are wrong, nobody has what we have got to give, we are all different in our own special ways and I admire these businesses who have grown to be where they are, I hope to be where they are one day!
There’s quite a few great sites out there like: #Netmums #Mumsnet #Britmums #Mumsmeetup they are parenting forums, discussions, bloggers etc!
VIPMums is these but with a unique selling point, we are also a place to sell or buy, to grow and connect with others, maybe set up a group, open a store, add your blogs, events, competitions, join the forum chats or simply check out our members and their products.
Looking forward to networking with everyone and thank you to all our members in giving me this opportunity!
It’s great fun




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