Generating leads that can then be turned into sales!

Even if you think you’re doing it for free because you are using Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and they are free, you’re not doing it for free, because your time is worth money too and so that’s where VIPMums come in!

People are nervous about spending their money. There are too many scammers and low-quality products out there. People worry that they’ll be wasting their hard-earned cash when it comes to many products and services, we hope to increase your sales leads, products or services, to build word of mouth and to drive traffic to your website or blogs and at the same time, we are willing to stand behind the service we offer our customers!

By offering you a risk-free guarantee and will return your money back if you’re not satisfied.

VIPMums keeps adapting our website to cover the needs of our members and customers, we have a great website, that’s FREE for everyone to join our website: families, businesses, things to do or places to go!

Simply join,build your profile, which will be listed within our search engine, for visitors and our members to find! then share your news or offers within our activity feed, add blogs to our easy to use blogging platform, place adverts or purchase a package where we work for you, hoping to generate leads to be turned into sales!

We have various options, from your profile, where you can place an advert for  either 99p or £4.99 and ALL charities can add adverts about their events or charity details for FREE!

We can also promote your business within various social media sites 5 days a week, every week for 4 weeks, available for £24.99 but for a limited trial we are offering a slightly reduced package for our members to try us out for only £9.99**. These are bookable from our website’s homepage.

Visit our website and give us a go!

** ONLY available to VIPMums members with complete profiles!


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