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    You are so completely right! This is something I feel strongly about as well. It hurts me to see so many people struggling with TTC. It’s not an easy thing for many. However, what they don’t understand is that we need the procedures like surrogacy and IVF as alternatives. Miracles don’t happen to everyone. I wish people were more accepting. And I’m also glad that many are compared to years before. Kids are a blessing and everyone should get the chance to have them. Anyone struggling is welcome to share their experience and feelings here with us. I know I’d love to help! Actually, my favorite clinic is coming to London very soon! I think it’s a great idea for anyone in need to at least give it a go. Try going to their open days there and take any information you need!


    You have chosen the best topic to talk. Yes, surrogacy is banned in various countries. I don’t know why people think of it as an illegal. Many people are infertile. It is not heir fault. Surrogacy gives them a happy family so how come this is unethical? My sister has also chosen surrogacy. She has consulted a clinic in Europe. Her experience goes well until now. Best of luck everyone.


    I don’t think we should really care about others when we ourselves have no issue with the process. I also received a lot of backlash! However, I had done my own research properly and was really satisfied. The clinic I am visiting is doing the process legally and in the most reliable manner. I think these things should matter a lot! It is after this that other things should be brought to the attention. Good luck to you! If you are visiting the right clinic then you should have faith in them.

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