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    Hey, I am really sorry for your loss. It was very difficult for you. I will suggest you go for IVF or surrogacy. There is a good clinic in Eastern Europe. They are best in dealing with fertility issues. You must go there.My best wishes are with you


    Hey Amy! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I really felt so sad to know about your loss. But don’t worry such things are the part of life. I think you should try some alternate methods like surrogacy or IVF. Both the methods are really helpful. I hope they will make you fulfill their wish. Just stay strong and hopeful. Everything will be fine.

     Mia Stace 

    Hey Amy. I wish that things will get better for you. This is my dear you should go for surrogacy or IVF. It works best for the people who are suffering from infertility. One of my friends also had a baby through this experience. And she is living very happy life. The choice is yours. I can only give you advice. Wish you best of luck.

     Tressa lee 

    Greetings Amy. How are you? Hope you are doing good. I am really sad to read your post. I am so sorry you faced a lot. Miscarriages are very painful. TTC is really a difficult period. Infertility is hard to face. It is the worst nightmare for all woman. Every married couple wants children. They want to complete their family. But you don’t worry. In this era, there are many alternate options. IVF and surrogacy are two of them. surrogacy is the most common method nowadays. Stay calm and have some info about these methods. Discuss with your husband. Find the best solution for yourself. Good wishes.


    Hi There. How are you doing? I hope you are doing good. We are doing fine. I read your post. I am so sorry for your losses. Miscarriages are very hard to cope with. I can only imagine your pain. I think you should go for surrogacy. It is a really good method to have kids. You can also consider adaption. Many couples these days are going for surrogacy. It is very fruitful for them. I hope all goes well for you. Take care of yourself.


    Hey dear. Sorry for your loss. I can feel your pain. Because I myself has suffered the same case. But dear don’t lose hope. Be brave. Everything will be fine. You must chose an option from IVF or surrogacy. Surrogacy has high success rate. But please select that clinic which is best. Never waste time for scam clinics. Because I have also faced such situation. I am a heart patient. That’s why I can’t conceive. But after being patient of such a dangerous disease, I don’t lose hope. Rather I am very much sure that one day I will be the mother. If not naturally, then by other means. And to fulfill this dream, I contacted Adonis clinic. And asked for information regarding infertility treatments and my problem. But to very surprise, I receive not a single response yet. Although I have mailed then, called them many many time. But unfruitful. I became very dis heart. When I saw this behavior of Adonis clinic. I became very de morale. So please, be careful about such clinics.


    Don’t worry. Just take it slowly. It’ll be helpful for you. Don’t worry. It’s nothing to worry about. Everything is great. You are just thinking too much. Just be strong and stay calm.


    Hi there. Hope you are doing fine. I feel your frustration. Especially when the clinic doesn’t respond. I have had the same experience with Adonis clinic. Its like there are no other good clinics left. I tried to get in contact with them. Nothing so far no response no nothing. I guess the funniest bit is hypocrisy. I mean you go to a website. You would expect otherwise.that all that build up must be for something right. Turns out it’s just a big Hoax. it is just sad that’s what it is. I hope all goes well for you.

     Anna Steel 

    Hi there. it is so sad to see how much you and your spouse must have been struggling. Everyone deserves to have children of their own. would suggest to go for a second opinion and a thirs if that doesn’t work out. There are plenty of clinics out there that can help you in this difficult situation. DOn’t lose hope but I would really suggest to not try lotus. They are arrogant people who don’t even care tto reply to their patients. My sister went through something similar and she wasted three months waiting to hear from lotus but dead end. Don’t worry, just watch out from Lotus and keep your search going. I believe there has to be a way for you out there and you will find it real soon.


    My deepest sympathy to go with you. I can understand your situation. I know its difficult to forget this, but you have to be move on. No Doubt, Miscarriage is painful, but remember hardship is the part of life. My cousin story is almost the same as yours. She had Three miscarriages. She was very depressed as same as you. Her doctor declared her infertile.she cannot conceive again. But she did not lose hope. She went to Lotus for her treatment. She thinks that now she can become a mother. But due to bad governess of this clinic. She had again miscarriages with IVF. She went into depression. Later her husband forced her to move to Europ for Surrogacy. Now she has twins baby from surrogacy. I’m very happy for her. You should have to be strong. You have to cope up with this situation. I think surrogacy is the best option for you.


    Hey, hope you are doing well. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand how painful it is to face this terrible situation. I also had my first miscarriage when it was y 5th month and couldn’t conceive after that. We have quite similar situations. My husband also wants a baby. He even asked me for adoption but it’s like i want my own biological baby. I have been trying fertility treatments for 8 years but nothing worked. People used to ask me to try alternative procedures but i was scared of them too. But few months ago my husband’s friend’s wife asked me to give them a try as its been so long and i have wasted already my 8 years. I thought about it and started researching on it. I watched so many success stories on you tube also joined so many forums to clear my doubt and overcome my fear. It really helped. I have recently contacted a clinic in ukraine for my surrogacy procedure. Its biotexcom clinic and is one of the best clinic in ukraine. Clinic has high success rate and is offering so reliable and reasonable procedures so i am quite hopeful for the journey. I will suggest you to try surrogacy and contact this clinic as surrogacy is safer procedure like normal pregnancy plus this clinic is best. in fact, this clinic is organising an event here in UK on 18-19 august, all their experienced doctors along with their head Anastisa is going to visit. they are very humble and kind. do visit them here and then it will be easy for you to decide for further step.


    Hey AMY, hope you are doing well. I am so sorry to know what happened. I understand such instances change our entire life. They do have a very sharp impact on future decision making. But please dont let a few bad past experiences guide your future life. We have all faced failure in a way. I am also TTC from 10 years with no success. Its very disappointing at times. But it doesnt mean that I should stop trying. My hubby even proposed that we should adopt. As an adopted child myself i didnt approved of the idea. We agreed to try surrogacy and contacted a clinic in Ukraine on a friends’ suggestion. The clinic is very responsive and responsible. They replied to our queries and view our reports via email. We are just in finalization stage and I am very excited to start this journey.


    Hey, hope you are doing well. I was scrolling down and your post caught my attention. And after reading it i am feeling the helplessness and hopelessness you are feeling right now. I have been facing it since 98 years and i know how hard it is. Infertility is such a curse and miscarriage is such painful thing to handle. I had y first miscarriage 8 years ago and trust me it was not so easy. I went through hell. So i know what you are feeling right now. I have recently planned for surrogacy as surrogacy is the most efficient and safe procedure. I am visiting a clinic for it. And the clinic is best clinic in ukraine. Its biotexcom clinic. The doctors are so highly experienced and professional. I am so hopeful for my procedure. I will advice you to visit this clinic once. And you don’t need to fly to ukraine for your first visit. They are organising an event here on 18-19 august here in uk. Their doctors along with head anastasia is going to visit. Go meet them there first and i am sure it will be a worth visit. I hope you will get the best advice. And choose surrogacy as it is the safer and most successful procedure. Best of luck! i hope things work out you soon.


    Hey Amy I hope you are doing well. Don’t be disheartened I am sure things will work out. Just stay positive and calm. I think your husband is right. It is important to visit a specialist. Don’t worry it will bring no harm to you. Doctors are there to help you not harm you. I myself was not ready to visit. However, avoiding anything doesn’t really help. Visit them get your tests done and see what’s going on. Good luck to you. I hope things go well. If you need help regarding whom to visit do let me know. I am going to be starting IVF very soon. Sending baby dust your way.


    Hi there! I feel so bad for you. Miscarriage is a really hard thing to deal with tbh. I know how hard this must be for you. I know your spouse needs a baby but make him understand that you both are together in this. You both need to stay calm and patient. In this journey, you can’t rush things. If you rush things, they will always end up bad. I think it’s time for you to move on to assisted conception. It’s helping a lot of people nowadays. The treatments are also quite improved. IVF is a good option for you. Just make sure you opt for a good clinic. Clinics make a huge difference in your treatment. If the clinic is good then things will work out for you eventually. Good luck!

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