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    hey monroe92 !!! you are right. We are unaware of the recent information. Even we don’t know the procedure and methods. We should get enough information before going for a treatment. Because we have to prepare our body for changes. That changes may be tough. we should attend different informative seminars not for us but for others too.


    This is a great initiative you have taken. It is good to see people caring for each other. When you see someone been in the same boat, you always get relieved. You feel you are not the only one. People have been in the same situation. I have shared my story with a few of my friends on this board. They are quite supportive. I have been suffering from infertility for last six years. The doctors say I cannot conceive naturally. I and my husband are in a dire need of a baby. We desperately want to have our own child. We are now looking for options. I have consulted the fertility specialist. She has suggested us for surrogacy. We are still looking into the option. I am quite nervous. I really don’t know if I should go for it or now.


    You’re totally right. TTC is a hard task. So many new challenges and difficulties. I wish it wasn’t as hard as it gets sometimes. Infertility is becoming increasingly common. I think it’s best that everyone shares their experiences as they go. It definitely helps. It’s why I love these forums so much. So many helpful and caring people. Another thing I think people should keep in mind is being open to all their options and having all knowledge of them. I have taken quite the interest in procedures such as IVF and surrogacy. They really are great. Although many are open to IVF, surrogacy still seems to be lagging a bit behind on appreciation. These methods exist for our easy and I think people shouldn’t shun them so quickly. Rest, obviously what could be better than a smooth natural pregnancy? Wishing everyone the best!


    Lotus is not a good clinic. They will not benefit you with anything. They are only concerned with your money and nothing else. You should choose the best for you. There are other clinics that will help you get through this situation. I wish you all the best for future.


    You are so right, this journey isn’t an easy one and you do need support. I am starting my IVF cycle very soon. The clinic has invited us for the first free visit. I am really looking forward to the visit. This way I would be able to learn a lot about the clinic. So far, however, I am really satisfied with everything. Next week after visiting things would be confirmed. Good luck to you as well.


    Hi Monroe! You are doing a great job. A ttc buddy can make things easier for you. I wish I had one at my time. But I m glad that my clinic played the role of my ttc buddy. After trying for 5 years things worked out for me. I opted for a clinic abroad but it was worth it. Stay blessed!

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