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    I am extremely sorry to hear about your journey. The obstacles you had to face must have been extremely tough to deal with. However, you are a strong person! My suggestion to you would be that next time make sure you do your research before opting for any clinic. When I had to choose a clinic for myself I asked people around. I researched about them through their blog and videos. It is after doing all of this research that I emailed them. One of the reasons why things are going so amazing.

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    The Fertility Forum will bring together the public and professionals for a full day of evidence-based information for those affected by fertility problems.

    The day will be packed with informative sessions and workshops looking at the latest evidence and advice, covering a huge range of topics including:

    > How to improve natural fertility

    > The causes of infertility

    > The best treatments and how to seek treatment including the use of donor gametes, surrogacy, legal and social aspects, modern families and fertility preservation

    > Endometriosis

    > Choosing a fertility clinic

    > New technologies

    > Legal issues (surrogacy, donor eggs or sperm – co-parenting & legal parenthood explained)

    > Egg freezing

    > Male fertility problems

    > PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

    The aim of the Fertility Forum is to provide accurate and impartial information to help people understand their fertility and make informed decisions about treatment options. The day will consist of three parallel streams, and people will be able to select which stream they wish to attend.

    Supported by the UK’s leading fertility organisations, this day will focus on what really matters to people going through fertility treatment.
    Click here for more details:

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