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    Surrogacy is the option if you can afford it. There are clinics that offer their services at reasonable rate. I visited a clinic in Ukraine for my friend. They had such an amazing team. They were very much understanding and friendly. I had a great time with them.


    I’m sure you’ll get a good news soon. IVF is a good procedure. It doesn’t always work on the first attempt. But you’ll get there. I am praying for your friend. Sending baby dust her way!


    Hey, I am so sorry about your friend. I know how much it is hurting. I am 31 now. I have faced infertility for 10 years. I wanted to be a mother naturally but I was not able to conceive. In the end, I decided to go for surrogacy. I have a baby now. I have no more worries in life now. I think you should go for the same.


    hey there. I hope your friend is doing good. In certain cases, IVF does not work out for a lot of women out there and sometimes it does for the fortunate ones. If it is not working out for your friend, I advise to on making her change her mind regarding this and seek for another procedure. Surrogacy might do good for her.


    Oh, it’s sad… Having children is the biggest desire of any lady. I can feel her as I have faced infertility too. Tell your friend don’t get sad too much. I also faced a very hard time when I was TTC. Nothing worked out for me. I didn’t lose the heart and kept on trying. Finally, I had surrogacy from a prominent clinic and now I’m a happy mother.


    Hello Maria. Don’t be an upset sweetheart. Its okay if things didn’t work through IVF. It is not the end. There are other options too like surrogacy. You can go for surrogacy. It is a great treatment. Success rates are also high in surrogacy. A European clinic is doing great in this field. You can visit them. My prayer and good wishes are with you.


    Maria seems like your friend has taken the wrong turn in choosing the clinic. She may have to Lotus instead. I am very well aware how Lotus clinic has been playing with the people’s emotions. They are robbing on the name of fertility treatments and changing the reports. I have experienced myself. And would tell you how terrible their management is. The poorest quality of technology they have. Moreover, the staff is not equipped with the knowledge to run the technology. This what made us rethink our choice and moved to the other clinic.


    IVF is an unpredictable procedure. I mean after a certain point nothing is in the hands of the doctors. The embryo’s growth is really based on itself. I would honestly say don’t worry. If the doctors are saying its too early to take a test then maybe your friend and you really need to calm down. Your friend shouldn’t be taking any more stress. Good luck to her. Sending baby dust her way.


    Hi you all. Hope you people are doing well. Thank you so much for commenting here. It just shows how concerned you guys are for us. I’m sorry I was a little busy. I couldn’t get back to all of you. I’ve read all the comments too. I can’t begin to thank you all for this love. it was a tough time for us. My friend had lost all hope of her actually conceiving a child. But her doctors believed in her. They knew it would happen. And so it did. I couldn’t believe it when the tests came out positive. She conceived after the second transfer. I’m so so happy for her. I’m gonna be an aunt.

     Ready to go art 

    Hey @maria789 that is fantastic news to hear, tell us more, where did she go to in Ukraine and could we hear more about your friends journey!
    PS CONGRATULATIONS Auntie Maria xxxx

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