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    “Hello! I really felt so sad to know about your infertility. It’s really a tough thing to deal with it. I think you should not visit this clinic. Such clinics like Lotus and Adonis are fake. They are looting people just for the sake of money. They are so unskilled. I never heard any great review of them. But never lose hope. try to look for some clinics in Europe. They are best for such services. I hope you will find a good option for you.
    My sympathies”


    I am stunned to read this. They are degrading the most sacred profession on earth. This is why most people are reluctant to pursue surrogacy or other infertility treatments abroad. Also, these sort clinics are drastically increasing day by day. Whereas, the good ones don’t come into the limelight because the shadow of those clinics is affecting their image. I know Adonis clinic has become the most talked clinic these days. This has to stop. Because there are clinics striving to serve people. And some are totally into the habit of ruining people’s lives. That’s unacceptable! I totally feel you, and in accordance with your situation. I would suggest you choose another clinic that is professional and specializes in surrogacy procedures. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


    Hi there! I m glad that you are spreading a lot of awareness about these clinics. People need to know about them so they can avoid them in future. I hope things change for you. Good luck! Stay blessed!

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