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     Camille Morgan 

    Hi there. I hope that you are doing good. Its natural to have fears and concerns when you have had some kind of bad experience with your close ones. Burt please do not let the fear of miscarrying your baby overcome you. You should definitely try to have a baby naturally. If it helps talk to your doctor and have all your concerns answered to. You can also have some genetic testing etc. The emotional bond between the baby and mother that develops during pregnancy is very special. Surrogacy should be the last resort in my opinion. As i didnt have any other option so I had to go for surrogacy. Being nearly scammed by lotus clinic also didnt help.I was very down with my spirits. I would not want anyone to have that kind of experience. Of course you are dreading a failed attempt but its worth the risk i think. Good luck and best wishes


    I don’t figure you should abandon the open door that you can be pregnant. It is the most wonderful thing ever. I am revealing to you this since I generally needed to be pregnant. Be that as it may, I couldn’t in light of a few reasons. What’s more, I needed to go for surrogacy. Be that as it may, on the off chance that despite everything you need to go. At that point I would state there are numerous facilities that can encourage you. You simply need to look for them. Be that as it may, I seek that you will follow being pregnant on the grounds that it is so excellent. Additionally I might want to state that you ought to get tried before finishing. Good fortunes.


    Hello love, hope you will be doing well today. First, take a deep breath dear. And do all the necessary search before reaching any conclusion. You fear is right at your point. But there does exist such good clinics who bother and care about their patients. Surrogacy is helping a lot of people to have their own baby. I contacted BioTexCom for my surrogacy. They guided me so well about it. They always arrange a seminar for their customers to provide them with all the information required for their procedure. I have heard they are coming to London in the middle of August. And their team is arranging an open session to answer all the queries. You should visit them to clear your all confusions!


    Sorry to hear about your sister. It must be really hard for her. Yes, unfortunately, some women have to bear this problem. Because of this, they have to experience infertility. A friend of mine had to experience this too. She could not even go for IVF. Because she could not carry the baby herself. She could not give birth. So the doctors suggested that she looked at other options. One option was surrogacy. There were strict rules against it in her country. So he came to Europe. She found a very good clinic. And she started her surrogacy process from there. Now she has a beautiful son.

     jessica sharman 

    Hey, how are you? I have read your post and I can understand that when it comes to such sensitive issues as pregnancy, people have a lot of questions. I know that you are afraid as it is your first time. Also because of your sister’s story. Firstly, I will say that this is not something genetic. If your sister had a smaller womb doesn’t mean you too would face that problem. Secondly, if you are considering surrogacy, for sure you would have several questions and doubts in your mind. I believe that before taking any step you must clear those doubts. There is an upcoming event in London on 18-19 August. If you could possibly avail the chance I would say do go there. I am sure all your queries would be solved about surrogacy and pregnancy. This event is organised by an efficient team. BioTexCom is arranging this helpful and great event. You can visit there website for more details. This event would be a complete guide for you. I hope you can make up for this event. Thanks and best of luck!


    Hey there! hope you’re okay. I read your post and I realize your concerns. I can understand there are many questions one has. It can be a really confusing matter. It was very confusing for me as well. Sadly, in my confusion, I picked the wrong clinic. I had opted for surrogacy at Adonis clinic in Ukraine. Their service was horrible. They didn’t want to register me quickly. I had told them that I am getting older and I want to do it asap. My doctor had told me the chances of conception are low with mature eggs. They didn’t prioritize my concern. It was a hard time for me. I wanted something so badly and I couldn’t have it. I was depressed for a long time because of it and I hope no one else experiences such an unprofessional attitude.


    Hello there. How are you doing now? I am so glad that you have shared this. You have been through a lot. But you are so strong. you fought it in the right way. I am so happy that surrogacy helped you. I can relate to your story. As I was also diagnosed with unexplained infertility. It was so hard and almost impossible to accept it. And to fight it was even more difficult. But all thanks to surrogacy. It helped us through the tough time. We had an amzing experience. We are now a happy family. Baby girl is almost 5 months old now. 🙂


    Hello all! How are you? Hope you are fine. I am sorry that you went through all this. This was indeed a hard thing. But you sometimes have to face such things. It is good that you didn’t give up. I am happy that you found a way out for youself. That is so great. I am really glad. I had surrogacy as well. It was a wonderful experience. Although I previously had to go through just too much to reach there. But I am glad that I finally landed on a solution. I have a baby girl now. She is the most adorable little thing ever.


    Hello there. Such good it is. Yeeey. Congratulations on your success. You are a strong woman. You are an inspiration to many. Good to know that Surrogacy helped you. I have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. And now we think that surrogacy will be the best option for us. So we are looking more into it. Thank you for sharing your experience. You had an incredible journey. It was so great to know about you. Keep sharing more. Also, wish me luck for mine. Best wishes to you as well.


    The clinic I am visiting for my process only allows carrying the process if you have been unable to conceive otherwise and also if you have been diagnosed with a serious disorder. I think you shouldn’t be scared. Your sister and you are two different people. It is not necessary that what happened with her will happen to you as well. I would suggest that you should first for one year TTC. If things don’t work out then visit this clinic they will do your medical examinations and then help. They helped me as well! I wasn’t sure what to do next. Things had really according to me come to a halt. However, the doctors at the clinic gave me high hopes. They carefully examined me and went through my case before they decided everything. I am really happy with things. Sending baby dust your way. Just stay positive and calm. Do keep us updated.

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