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    I hope things go well for you. IUI is very close to conceiving naturally. I think you are confusing IVF with IUI because it is in IVF that one’s eggs are retrieved. For the process, I would suggest that you opt for acupuncture. This is something that really helps. Also, its very important that you eat food that is high in nutrients. Drink lots of water as well and also make sure to not work a lot. Exertion is not good for the process. I myself am going to be starting my second IVF cycle. This time we decided to visit a new clinic. Mainly because for such procedures the success rate matters a lot. If the clinic is high in success rate then things will go well. Good luck to you. I hope things go well for all. Sending baby dust your way.


    Hi Rose! I m happy that you are looking into assisted conception. Many people just give up without giving it a try. Nowadays infertility is more common but the treatments are much more successful as well. I tried IUI but it didn’t work out for me. Because of the cancerous polyps, I had to get my uterus removed. So that’s why surrogacy was the only option I was left with. I m glad that you have this option, you will be able to experience the beautiful journey of carrying the baby inside you. Just take good care of yourself and follow the doctor’s instructions. If you do that then everything will work out. Stay strong! Stay blessed! Good Luck! Bye!

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