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    Hi, Sweety! just relax. I know few clinics like Adonis clinic are trying to sell a fraud. it’s really wrong to not reply to your customers emails. it’s really important to provide information. they did not reply to emails as well. what a shame!


    Hi Jennifer? I understand but don’t be in a tough situation. So, yeah! Stay strong for now! I’m also having an IVF this year at a repro center in Kiev. I’m going on someone’s referral. Adonis was on my list, but it didn’t have much better reviews. So, I didn’t bother. So, I’d advise you. Ignore it! Move forward! Make your way.


    Hey, Jennifer, I hope you are doing well. I would say that don’t waste your time. I can understand how hard this must be for you. However, it is better to visit a clinic that is reliable. The clinic I am visiting has never behaved like this and always reply to us on time. It is because they are more experienced and know how to deal with the patients. If you need the details I can provide them to you. Good luck to you.


    Hi! I feel so bad for you Jennifer. The clinic you are opted for is famous for its bad reputation. I have never heard even one good review about them. Everyone is so sick of their treatment and scams. I think someone should ban them from operating.

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