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    Today I want to share my thoughts with everyone. I think there is a need to discuss this issues. This is a forum where most of the women share their issues. I have read many bad reviews about Adonis clinic. Not only that I have tried to contact them also. They were very rude to me. I was talking nicely with them. They were very rude to me. I was really disappointed with them. Like what kind of attitude they have with people. People want to share their issues with them. They don’t bother. That’s such a bad behavior shown by them. Please share your experience with this clinic if you have any.


    Ups and downs are the part of life. The need is to stand positive through thick and thin. We should not except anything from life. Yeah, infertility is like a nightmare and it is difficult to accept this reality. But at the same time, We also try to find the best solution to fight with it. In this matter, Consultancy with our doctors and with the good clinic is needed. Always choose a good clinic. There is a good clinic in Europe. Please visit that clinic instead of wasting your time.


    It is upsetting to hear about your experience. One of the reasons why I was super careful about things when I was choosing a clinic for myself. I think it is really important to make sure that you know enough about the clinic before you opt for them. The clinic I am visiting one good thing about them is that they have a lot of mediums and channels through which you can get to know about them. I used to follow their blogs. I also used to watch their videos and look them up on their socials. Apart from this, I also asked people who had visited them earlier to tell me about their experience. Once I had gained enough knowledge it is only then that I got in touch with them. The good thing about them is their communication level. They are not only fast at it but they are also very nice and humble. They answered all my queries and cleared up all my confusions. So far things are going really well and this is the major reason. I would suggest you to not lose hope. Search them up and I am sure you will be impressed as well. Good luck to you.


    Hello. Hope you are well. This truly awful. I’m sorry they treated you badly. And I’m glad you decided to post a review here. There’s a good percentage of people on this forum who are suffering through some kind of infertility. People here try to help each other with support, advice and recommendations. It is already very hard to find a clinic that isn’t ripping you off. Such treatments are so expensive all over the world. Its hard to even consider them. This review would just add to the help. Now people will know what to consider and what to avoid. I really hope you find a better-suited clinic too. Its hard to find one but you have to stay dedicated. It’s not impossible. You will find one soon. Good luck for the clinic hunting!

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