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    Hey. How are you doing today? Hope things are going well. Your story is no doubt, quite sad. Keep the faith though. There’s nothing good that ever comes from losing faith. It’s good that your doctor advised you not to conceive naturally. Being realistic, there’s a high chance that you wouldn’t be able to carry it. This means there’s a high chance you might have to experience a traumatic condition. That really isn’t the way to go when one has a heart disease. Plus there is no need to try when you have other options like surrogacy. Surrogacy is perfect in your case. It is safe, low-risk and although it’s expensive, it still is a proven way. I can understand the need for a baby. I’d definitely suggest you go for it. Check out about clinics in Europe, they’re quite cheap

     Christine Ayla 

    Hey Nancy. How are you doing? I hope so you are doing good. Well, my dear, you have heard right. It depends on women will and health to conceive a child naturally. I fit does not work naturally then surely there is no need to worry. Because surrogacy is available for you as a last option. Take cares.


    Well, this is correct. Age does not matter. What matters is you. Your body matters. How it perceives things matter. Just get a checkup. See what you can handle. It will clear out things for you for sure.


    Hello. I hope things are good at your end. Well, you are right, age is just a number. However, in some cases it gets difficult to conceive after 40. If you are an active lady and your body functioning is normal, you can get pregnant easily. Even after you are in your late thirties or early forties. BioTexCom is a dream place of every infertile woman. The clinic is quite good in its service. A wide variety of assisted methods of conception are offered here. The fee structure is reasonable too. My friend had her surrogacy from here. She had a wonderful experience. She is now a blessed mother. Thanks to BioTexCom. You should also visit it once to find the solution. All the best to you.


    Hi there. Thanks for posting here in this forum. These threads are really helpful for those who are looking for solutions of their problems. Yes you are right Age is just a number if you are fit mentally or physically. They are very trustworthy and post videos which are very authenticated. Well good wishes to you.


    Yes, you are correct. Age is the biggest factor that could be a hurdle where you are just unable to conceive. But you never have to lose the hope. Keeping up the struggle all the time. Is one the key that you could do to just get over infertility. I do have watched a number of videos where people seem to be suggesting a number of clinics. And many numbers of individuals are found much satisfied with the services the clinics have been providing. That’s sounds good that even you found one of the clinics that is preferable for you. I would like to mention the thing that age might be a hurdle in IVF but you could have used donor eggs. And that could be much good in making you conceive. How about the other alternatives that are equally viable and positive in providing hopes. Hope I would be soon able to see your successful post soon. You must share the services they have been providing and all the experience you would have once you would start your procedure. All the luck to you.


    It really depends on what sort of treatment you are opting for. If you opt for IVF and surrogacy with DE then age doesn’t matter. However, if you are trying to conceive naturally and you are above 35 or 40 then yes you can face complications. As with age, your eggs do tend to decrease. By the time you reach your menopause, it means they have got very few in number. So you do have to consider all these factors. Since the clinic has a whole DE database of above 100 donors! so if you want to have children and you are low on eggs you can easily choose one of the donors. I think the technology has progressed so quickly that we have soo many options to opt for. Previously an infertile couple couldn’t even think ahead. There were so less of options available mainly only medications. However, now with the help of assisted conception treatments, infertile couples can imagine having children as well. I think a huge credit goes to the clinics like these who give hope to us every day. Best of luck to all those trying. Sending baby dust to you all.

     Maya Smith 

    Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I think you are right to some extent. We should think abroad instead of bounding ourself in some options. In a modern World, there are so many options to avail. Why we lose hope so early. We should move on and look for the new things. There is a solution to every problem.


    Hey Dear, Hope so you are doing well. I totally concur with you in this regard. Age factor matters but not so much. I have seen many cases in which people succeeded even after their forties. The clinic mentioned above is very trustable. I will also suggest you go there. My sympathies


    After the age of 35, it gets really difficult to conceive naturally. However, because technology has improved drastically there are a lot of methods through which one can conceive. I myself have opted for IVF for my process. The clinic you are talking about is the one I am going to be starting my process with. They are doing a really good job at everything. When I first emailed them I was really nervous! Mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. However, they replied to us instantly sharing all the information with us. We were then directed to the English department here a manager was appointed to us. She then helped us out. She answered all of our queries. It was really nice to have a conversation with someone who was willing to listen. I am excited to start my journey with them. Good luck to you as well. I hope things go well for you.


    I agree. Everyone is different. How people respond to things is different too. But we can’t ignore the facts. Age is a factor here. It might not be for everyone. But it is something people should keep in mind while TTC. It’s true that it gets harder to get pregnant after a certain age. Another fact is there are higher chances of defects in pregnancies of women older than a certain age. People might face issues conceiving sometimes but that doesn’t mean they cant. if they are facing infertility, their doctor might prescribe medication and they are advised to TTC for a few more months. If that doesn’t work either, they can consider IVF. I know a friend who crossed 40 and got married then. She had trouble conceiving naturally. She tried everything. I suggested she go to my clinic and see what her options are. Long story short, she has a baby now, conceived through IVF.


    Hello, there! Age can be a factor in conceiving. However, assisted conception helps you cope. It plays down the cons of age. You can still conceive until your late forties, even. But, as you mentioned, everybody is different. It’s important to get the medical check-up done before you opt for such methods. They play a crucial role. They help the professionals at the clinics understand your body. Based on that information, they tell you what you should go for. I think you should visit the clinic for your free consultation. They will help you out! Good luck, I hope you get what you’re looking for. Keep us updated on your journey! Feel free to ask for any kind of help, if you want.


    Their website has almost all the information you need. The videos are quite helpful, as well. However, if you need more information, you can always go for a free consultation. They’d be happy to help you out. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? Whatever your age, I’d suggest you go for it. It really does work for quite a few women, so why not risk it? Assisted conception could really be the ideal situation for you. Plus, that late in your life, you don’t have many options. So you should stop thinking about it and go ahead and do it! I have a shared empathy for women trying later on in their lives. I know how it feels. I hope you get to experience that happiness. My prayers are love for you. Sending you the best of wishes and lots of baby dust.

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