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    “Hi, How are you? I really sad to know about your miscarriages. They are very painful. They hurt us a lot. A clinic can’t do this. This is a very unprofessional attitude. They have no right to do this. They receive emails. They just ignore. They did the same with me. They never reply. I have mailed them a lot of time. I think it is a wastage of time to wait for them. You should contact another authentic clinic. Don’t waste your time. Good wishes to you.


    Infertility is not easy to deal with you have to fight against many circumstances and consequences people judge you for no reason. But what others are thinking or assuming about you is their problem, not yours stay blessed beautiful person your time will come there are many couples who opt surrogacy as their gateway to happiness. And they are happily living their lives I feel so sorry for what you are going through. Biotexcom is the best clinic for surrogacy and there’s a good news they are coming to the London on 18th and 19th August avail the chance.


    Hey there sammy.How are you?.You are right now a days clinics have a lot of competition.It’s hard to find a good clinic.Lotus is really unprofessional.Can you imagine I have mailed them many times and still there is no response from them. One of my friend told me lotus behaviour with clients is hilarious.Try biotex clinic they are professional and their services are way better. They guarantee baby.


    Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well! I am really sorry about your worst experiences! Seriously some clinics are just scammers! But I have a good news for all of you! Biotexcom is coming to Ukraine to help infertile couples! This is the best clinic I have ever been to! Everything is beyond perfection. Their doctors are highly qualified and humble! They listened to your problem as their own! Their staff is like amazing and really every cooperative! My sister in law had a great experience of surrogacy from there! I went with her through all her journey! Her friend told her about this clinic! The best thing is that they are coming to London! So don’t be disappointed! It’s like a miracle for you all!


    Great to hear so many replies with essential details. I have come across and met with a European facility center. And they are very experienced doctors. The facility itself was very huge and the doctors, the staff was enormous. Also, the accommodation services will be provided. That was a relief because the problem of accommodation is critical even when you go for holidays. And this is a long three months program. So, the accommodation is genuine. It was clean and decorated finest. And I have heard that they are going to be here in the UK or US for an open day event. They will be giving consultations. Anybody knows when and where is it? As I and DH will be attending it.


    I hope your IVF works for you. The point is that it’s very important to visit the right clinic. Therefore, if you have bad reviews about a certain clinic it is always better to avoid. I decided upon a clinic after a lot of research myself. It was not an easy task! However, once things were sorted out I was glad that I made this much of effort. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.


    Hi Sammy! I hope you are feeling better now. Both clinics are scamming people. Don’t ever think about going for them. I have only heard bad things about them and even I have personal experience with them so don’t. There’s this clinic I have recently started my treatment at, you should check them out.


    Hello. How are you doing? It is really sweet of you to do this. I’ve actually been kinda busy with my toddler these days. We do have news though. After a lot of thinking, we have finally made a decision. We applied for surrogacy. Chose the same clinic as before. I feel like its about time we do it. My son is 13 months old now. I think it is perfect timing. And who knows, this procedure takes time. It could be a year or so till we get a baby. So yeah. Need lots of prayers. I will be posting updates about my journey soon. Thanks for this.

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