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    Hello, Maria. This is really exciting. It’s great to see this! I hope this works out for her. My prayers are with her. She must be so thrilled! This is a tough time, actually. It’s hard staying excited. Because you keep getting nervous. That brings the stress too! I hated this time. But I’m glad things worked out, in the end! I really hope she hears good news, soon! Sending her lots of love and support. She’s really lucky to have you as a friend!


    Hey Marry. Hope you are well. Thank you for your concern. I agree with you completely. We were excited and nervous at the same time. This journey had its ups and downs. We didn’t get good news right away. Her first transfer didn’t work. My friend tends to get a little paranoid in such situations. But this time it was justified. We were all scared for her. But her doctors had a good feeling about this. They suggested her to go with another transfer. And this time, it worked! She finally conceived.

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