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    Hi everyone,

    I’m Helena and just set up my profile today and thought I’d come over and say hello! I have recently set up my handmade wooden gifts business, along with my husband and would be grateful for any help and advice that you can offer along the way.

    I am very social and and particularly active on Twitter (@HARTYS_Gifts) so come along and mingle!

    Helena xx

     Ready to go art 

    Thank you Helena @hartysonline for your introduction about you and your lovely business, we look forward to sharing you and your store within various social media sites, need anything do let me know from Netty x


    Thank you so much Netty! I’m sure I’ll need a lot of help along the way haha! xx

     Ready to go art 

    I’m sure you won’t, but if you do, it’s not an issue, I’m here to help, once you know your way round you’ll be fine! To be honest I was new to it all when we went live and to keep up with our members needs, we adapt as we go along!
    Just to confuse you even more, no only joking!
    from Netty x

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