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    Hey guys. Hope all are doing fine. Well, Infertility becomes a common issue nowadays. But Surrogacy and IVF the alternatives through which we can cope with infertility. I am also infertile. But I am happy to announce that last year I had blessed with a child through surrogacy from Biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. Biotexcom is one of the best clinics in the world which is providing great services for surrogacy and IVF treatment. Its really been a great opportunity for you guys because biotexcom team is going to the UK on 18-19 August. You have a great chance to have initial consultation right there. It would be a great opportunity to meet the team and get all necessary information about the treatment in Biotexcom. You will also have a chance to sign a contract right there. Seats are limited, you can register yourself at Best wishes. Stay blessed all.


    I am so happy to hear this. I live in Manchester. I will visit this clinic in London now. I really wish to see how good it is because I have been declared infertile a couple of months ago. My DHs sperm count is fine. Something is wrong with me. I am still looking for clinics because we decided to go for surrogacy and you know, it is a tough decision but I would give anything to get a baby of my own. I will visit this clinic on 18th August for sure. Need to ask for so many details that are needed. I hope I choose this one! Cheers!


    This is an amazing news. I think everyone should avail it. I myself am going be visiting the conference. I have already written down all my questions. I think this meeting will prove to be so helpful. It will also save my time. I am planning to sign up for the IVF treatment here. So that I don’t have to visit Ukraine again and again. All my friends are also going with me. It is not an opportunity to be missed. The clinic is highly successful. The doctors are also so experienced. So I am really positive about the procedure. I hope everything goes well. Will let you know how it goes.


    Before going for any procedure it is very important to learn about the procedure itself. It is extremely difficult to stay away from worries if the procedure is well understood. It also increaes the chances of success. The apprehensions and misperceptions are gone as well. The open house session by the BioTex is a really great opportunity. Those who want to go for surrogacy or the IVF in BioTex can take advantage of this open house session on 18th and 19th August. The venue will be in London. It is further great to learn that the intended parents can join the clinic and sign a contract if they are willing to take up the challenge. For the English natives the clinic is bringing along Anastasia, the head of the English Department. The clinic aims at discussing all the queries of their possible customers. They will be offering the initial treatment services also. Once all is done they will be there to tell about the most appropriate process. It is an excellent forum for any one seeking a better future. I hope things get really great for the ones thinking to join this platform in the coming days.

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    Hello @youtubegirl I believe the biotexcom team is not here yet in the UK, but is visiting the UK on 18-19 August.
    Can I make sure that you or anybody reading this pays no money upfront before visiting the team in London. I understand they would like you to register your attendance as seats are limited.
    I have seen no mention of fees, if there is, please do let me know.
    Great news for you all though x


    This is such a great news. Honestly, I was going through a hard time and then a close friend of mine suggested me to look into a very good clinic. she had an amazing experience with them. Now my husband and I will be opting for surrogacy there. since we have heard that Biotexcom is coming to town we are very excited about it. we have heard many good reviews about them. Personally, my close friend got her successful IVF treatment from there. Now they are having an event in London. I mean wow but Ugh! I can’t wait till August. Hope it goes well.


    @netty right you are. I’ve contacted biotexcom and I was told they would only be there for 2 days to meet people who are interested in treatment in Ukraine. It’s totally free. They are to send me more details about time and place later.
    I have a list of questions about surrogacy porccess in the clinic. Maybe someone has any thoughts on what to ask them? I’d like to get more information about the way surrogates are treated and if I’m ok with that, I would consider the option maybe.

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    Hello @43_mom Thank you very much for checking out the details I was concerned about.
    I am so happy for families to have this opportuity and I look forward to sharing this to other families within the UK.
    If any members have any questions please do let us know so we can add them to @43_mom list of questions that she will be asking biotexcom clinic !


    I really feel sorry for those women who face Infertility. No one deserves this. This is very bad. I was facing infertility for a long time. I also visited Bio TexCom clinic for surrogacy then. They were awesome. And I am really happy that they are coming to London. I am very excited. I suggest every Infertile woman should go to this conference. The dates are 18th and 19th of August. This conference will be really helpful for everyone. And seats are limited. So hurry up ladies. Take care


    Hi Etta! Hope you are doing well. Dear, thank you for sharing this information. This clinic is doing a great job. It’s helping a lot of people. Many people from all over the world come here for treatment. I m also so far away from home, but this clinic is making it easier for me. I was worried about my treatment but they have provided me with a nice place to stay. I hope this time it works for me. I m quite positive about my treatment. Stay blessed. Take care. Good luck everyone. Bye!


    Hello. How are you? Thanks for all the info. It’s so nice to see you trying to help people out like that. This clinic is really doing a good job. This event was held for the benefit of the people. Spreading awareness about the infertility treatments is so important. So that more people can get those treatments if they are facing infertility. Most people have no clue about them. I was alien to all this too. But before letting me apply for surrogacy, the doctors and the staff was nice enough to explain and guide me through it. I applied after all my confusions were cleared. Everything worked out really well in the end. I have a son now. This clinic helped me have my baby through surrogacy.

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