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    Hey, everyone. I hope you’re all doing great. I’m actually really excited, today. BioTexCom is hosting an event in London! Yes, that’s right, they’re coming to England! Oh, it’s going to be amazing. It’s a superb opportunity to learn from the best clinic in the world. They are yet to release the dates, I’ll update once I get to know!


    Hello, Christine. I hope you’re doing okay. I went to that clinic! I can’t believe this. They are coming to London? Woah! I did not see this coming. I had the best experience of my life in that clinic. I was lost. And, broken, honestly. They helped me by telling me that I still had hope. And, it was crazy! They thought I should go for IVF. And, I did. It actually worked in the first cycle! We were all so surprised. I can’t wait for this event, then! Thank you so much for this info.


    Finally! I was gonna post about the event. But it’s great to see that you already have. I’m so delighted. It’s going to be a great event. I can’t wait for it, honestly. Don’t miss it please! This is once in a lifetime opportunity. And they are doing it for us! We are the winners, here. They don’t care about money. Marketing isn’t the objective, either. They are bringing the clinic to us! This is a great initiative. I think a lot of women have had terrible experiences with clinics. This could be the game-changer. As they’d be coming TO us. That’s why I think it’s a great idea.


    Hey, I hope you are well. I think this is an amazing opportunity. All those who are confused about the treatment they should attend this meeting. They will help and try to resolve your problems. All my friends are also visiting them for this reason. They know that I am having a great time with my process with them. I am in the middle of a process with them. They are very systematic and well organized. The clinic makes sure that no error is being made. Everything is double checked with us. The surrogate was also matched after she passed the medical test. The embryos were only developed after the sperm analysis. Due to all these things the surrogate is pregnant now. Efficiency and effectiveness is something they are very keen on. I have asked my friends to register with the clinic because the seats are limited. Good luck to all those who are visiting.


    Hi! I’m Nancy. I’m struggling from infertility. I’ve had a really tough journey. And, I want some more information on this event. I’ve read so much about this clinic. And, I think they could really help me out. I need more details about the event. I’m about to embark on this journey. But, I can’t take a decision unless I know more. Where will they be hosting this event in London? What are the dates? And, what are their prices? Please make sure you get back to me. Thank you!


    This is indeed a very exciting news. I am looking forward to this event. I hope everything goes well. All my friends have got themselves signed up as well. This is because of my amazing experience with them. Just make sure that everyone interested in this forum does the same. This is because the seats are limited. Good luck to all.


    Hi there. How are you? Way to go girl. This is so relatable. I’ve faced this exact problem myself. The way you fought through it makes me cry and reminds me of the pain that I felt. So proud of you.


    This is indeed a really great news. I am really big a fan of the clinic. There work is really amazing. If your clients are satisfied it tells a lot about you. I am really excited about their event too. I hope to see you all there.


    It is indeed an amazing news. I am glad you are raising awareness about it. As couples who share the same journey, we should be helping one another. I am also visiting the clinic for my process. So far everything is going amazing. We recently visited them for the first free visit. During this visit, we learned a lot about them. I was so impressed with their services. When we landed the clinic’s driver was already waiting there for us. The place where we were going to be staying at was also comfortable and beautiful. The food was also really good. I loved the environment of the clinic as well. There were so many other foreigners present over there. The manager that was assigned to us was there to help us all the time. The medically examination took place for free as well.


    Hello. How are you doing? Thank you so much for sharing this information here with us. This clinic is trying really hard to help people out here. Most people don’t even know what appropriate treatments to get. When I wanted to apply for surrogacy at this clinic they were so helpful. They made sure to clear all the confusions out. They only let me proceed when I was a hundred percent sure about this. The staff is so helpful. Its hard to believe you can get all this at such a low price. But its true. My experience with them was so good. I hope people who are struggling right now experience this too. They deserve it. Good luck to all of them.

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