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    Considering Adoption (Baby boy for adoption )

    Seriously considering to re-home my lovely little boy out for adoption to a lovely prepared caring home that is ready to take good care of the baby boy please if you are willing to take good care of this little boy email us at for more info and pics of the baby boy

     Ready to go art 

    Seriously Michael you have issue’s and am very upset to see you are looking to re-home your child, like it’s a pet!
    I am so disgusted and so I am reporting you, deleting you and any comments you have made on our website, as I just cannot believe what I am reading.


    This is so disturbing to read. I can’t believe that people can do this as well. As someone who has been trying for so long for a child, this makes me sad. However, I am glad that things are finally working out for me. I am visiting a clinic for my process. So far they are doing a really good job. I am glad the admin decided to take an action. It was much needed.


    Hi! I feel so bad for that baby. Why are you doing this to your own child? People struggle their whole life for a baby. I m also suffering from last 6 years to conceive. I know how hard it is to do something. You are just giving your baby up. Let me tell you one thing. That baby deserves a better home. You don’t even deserve him. People like you are so bad for this society. I m thankful to that mod who deleted you. People like you shouldn’t even be allowed here. So sad really.

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