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    Hello dear, I hope you are good. I can understand your situation quite well. As infertility sounds easy, but it is the hardest disorder a girl can face. There is a great clinic in Europe. They are known as best for their IVF and surrogacy treatments. I wish you good luck with that.


    Hi there Marlene, it’s is brave of you to be coming forward. Sharing your pain might find you a good solution. You should know the struggle is not your own alone. Talk to your spouse. To place both of yourselves in confidence. Because it’s both of your choices to go through this together. Search for a good consultancy clinic. And a second opinion would be really helpful. As for your concern Surrogacy is A better choice. It’s a procedure in which both parents sperms are injected in the uterus of a host female. Look both have pros n cons. Your child will have your traits. You can have the pleasure of having a newborn baby. Have a closer affiliation without any insecurity of acceptance from the child. While adoption has that risk.


    You must be confused, as it is considered surrogacy to be immoral. Or maybe the baby will carry the genes of the surrogate because, in gestational surrogacy, the broth mother has no link other than the baby is carried by her. It is due to the reason that the gestational surrogacy is about transferring the embryo of the intended parent and intended father into the womb of the surrogate. So, therefore, the baby has the biological features of IP, not the surrogate. Moreover, the surrogates don’t get emotionally attached to the baby. Because they know they are carrying it for someone else. If you are interested you can consult in an open day event arranged by Biotexcom. Email at surrogacy@bio***


    Hello! Hope you are doing well! Surrogacy is much much better than adoption! It has the highest success rate! It is beyond any other processes! The main point is there are no side effects to this! It’s the easiest process I have ever seen! So you should not be worried about it! My sister law had done it from the clinic in Ukraine! They gave her the best surrogate! Now she is having a 2-year infant! She is really happy! I am also very excited to meet their team! She was telling me that I have read on forums that they are organizing an event! I want to know the details! Please let me know about it! Thank you


    Hope you are doing okay. Sorry to hear about your struggles. It is good to see you didn’t loss to fate. You are determined to have kids. Your question is very genuine. Many IP’s are also confused about this. what to choose either adoption or surrogacy? well in my opinion, surrogacy is the best. At least child belongs to you genetically. I am an infertile. I also gave preference to surrogacy. I got opted surrogacy from a reputed clinic of Ukraine. Now we are living happily with the surrogate baby. It is all possible because of the clinic and the surrogate. we are grateful to them for making our dream come true. You should also have try this. Hope to hear good news from you soon. Take care


    Hey dear really sorry to know what you are going through. I am glad that you didn’t give up in these hard times. Well these both methods will give you a baby this is what matters. Though couples nowadays prefer surrogacy. Surrogacy is a great treatment. Success rates are also high. One of the great advantages of surrogacy is that the baby born through it will be genetically yours. So I will request you to go for surrogacy. For that purpose, all you need is to choose a prominent and trustworthy clinic. Europe is a great place for these treatments. A clinic there is known for their quality work. You should visit them. Things will be alright. Good luck.


    Hi Marlene, Hopes all are good. Confusion is the root of any problem. All you have to do is make up your mind to one thing and stick to that. Also, infertility leaves your mind blank. I have the idea of this situation. But still, I would give you the honest suggestion to go for surrogacy. It is the most reliable treatment these days. A great clinic in Europe is so exceptional in this term. Definitely recommendable. My sister has been there. And her surrogacy was such a smooth one. She is a blessed mother today. Love and support to you. Stay blessed.


    You’re still very young I would suggest you really get a second opinion on this. I think your first step should be IVF. It has proven to be a highly successful process for many. I know people who have been able to fight through it because of the process. However, if you have already tried it and haven’t mentioned it then I guess you should be considering the options. I am in the middle of the surrogacy process. So far things are going really well. It honestly really depends on you. Listen to your heart and follow that. I opted for surrogacy because it was allowing me to have children that were biologically connected to me. However, also because I would be able to experience everything along with the surrogate mother. However, I will say this again it really depends on your views regarding both adoption and surrogacy. I hope you the very best of luck. Just stay positive and strong. Sending baby dust your way.

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