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    Hi there. You have been through so much. I am so sorry tho hear that. But you are one tough person. My sister had been trying to conceive for ages. But she was not successful. Then she went for Ivf. IVF is such an amazing treatment. It really helps the infertile couples. But somehow it did not workout for my sister. So my sister went for surrogacy. SO when she contacted the L****s clinic, because someone told her to. They did not contact back. They did not even acknowledge her. She was so disappointed. She lost all hope of having a baby. We were all so stressed out.


    Hi,Nichol. Hope you are doing well. yes you are right one should do thorough research before finalizing with any clinic.I am considering surrogacy after TTc for several years.I had lost hope but my friends suggested me surrogacy.I researched about it on internet and found a clinic Biotexcom in Ukraine.I emailed them and discussed my case with them>They have been very cooperative with me and have guided me through about it at every step.Be it medical or financial aspects they have been very caring and professional.I told them I am from York,UK and cannot visit Ukraine for further details.They recently emailed me that they are coming to London,UK on 18,19th of august.Along with their English department head Anastasia.I am very excited and am going to visit the seminar and would ask you to visit it also.


    Hello, I hope you are well. I feel so sorry that you had to go through this. IT is so important to do your research first. Surrogacy is a very sensitive process. It comes with a lot of risks. It’s not exactly cheap it costs a lot of money. We can’t risk that. this is why it is important to go to a proper clinic that has been good to their clients. I heard so many bad things about this lotus clinic. I hope people read these reviews and avoid going there in the future. It’s really disappointing.


    hi, hope so you are doing great. I really appreciate your post. Thank you for sharing this. So proud of you. Not losing hope is a big thing indeed. You are such an amazing woman. I can feel your pain. But not losing hope is bigger than that. Nothing is impossible. I am infertile. Now thought of choosing IVF. But I am really sad clinic Lotus are even not replying. I am really stressed out. Lotus, It has got the worst communication service ever. Beware of these clinics guys. But I am not losing hope. We just have to handle the situation calmly. Better things are coming. Pray for me, dear. My prayers are with you. An all the best for the future ahead. I can not give you many details about IVF. I have heard that this process guarantees success.


    Again and again, I have read about the same problem. You are discussing Lotus too. I also visit many forums and read about their scam. There is also a need to examine where it needs to be alerted. Sorry to say but only precautions are not enough if a solution cannot be carried out. This problem arises day by day. It could be the cause of the violation of health. I mean how these scammers despoil the innocent people. They trapped them easily. Most of the infertile couples are affected by them. It is miserable that they are legally present still now. Lotus should be closed as soon as possible. It’s our moral duty to take steps to finish its existence. Awareness should be spread on a massive scale. It would be helpful.


    It’s really sad to hear about you. You have gone through a very tough time. Its was difficult for you to experience IVF and IUI failure. I am really sorry for your problems. You have taken a very good decision. Surrogacy is the best option for you. You are very strong women. Please be careful about choosing the clinic. Adonis is the worst clinic in Europe. They are scammers. Don’t get your treatment from them. There is another good clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. I wish you a very good luck. My best wishes are with you


    Well dear, you should have to ask reviews about them. i also got scammed by them. Later i contacted a reputed clinic of Ukraine. The clinic was the best. They warmly welcomed us. They answered and explained all our queries. We are living happily with our surrogate baby, it is possible because of them. Don’t loss hope. Contact them. Soon you will find happiness.


    I am extremely sorry to hear about your experience. It is very important to first research about the clinic then to visit them. My experience with the clinic is going really well because of this reason. Before I visited the clinic I made sure that they were operating at a high success rate. I then looked up and read the reviews about them. I also read the blog and I was really impressed with everything. The blog and their youtube channel were really full of information. I learned so much from only the two mediums. I attended their online meeting sessions as well. After this I emailed them and they replied within a few hours! I was so impressed with the first communication channel. They in the email answered to all my queries in depth. I am hoping that things go well in the future as well. I would suggest you to not give up! This time research properly.

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