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     Christine Ayla 

    Hey Mrs Hails. How are you doing? Going through the wall, I was looking for the good clinic for my surrogacy. I just read your thread. This is really very informative. This will be proven very helpful for us. And surely it will be helpful for others. I am going to attend this event in London on 18 and 19 August. Also, they are offering a free consultation. Thanks for sharing this post. Sending you positive vibes.


    I know about this clinic. You are talking about Biotexcom. Yes, they are the best. I have been to them. I also got the email regarding this open house. Everyone, listen up. This clinic is coming to the UK. London to be precise. The dates are 18 and 19 of the next month. There is a reason I say this with so much pride. It is my own experience. I have a personal experience with them. I know how trustworthy they are. So you should definitely attend this open house in Uk next month. I wish all the best to all of you.


    Wow, that’s a great news. I am really glad to hear your post. Biotexcom is also my favorite clinic. I had my surrogacy treatment from them. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. They are helping people in need. That’s really great. I am really very impressed by their efforts. I have already registered myself at It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet such experts. I can’t wait to attend their seminar on 18-19 August in Uk. Don’t miss this opportunity. Hurry up and get registered. I am really very excited. Best of luck


    I’m glad that you sharing this interesting information with us. Biotexcom is one of the best clinic providing such services. Even when I was suffering from infertility due to some heart issues. At that time, they provide me with treatment and made me happy. I can’t forget them. I’m glad that they are coming to London. It would be easy for people to consult them. I heard that they are conducting a seminar on the 18-19th of the August. I think it’s a great chance for all the infertile couples to overcome their infertility and make their dreams come true.


    I was in a great depression. Due to my infertility conditions. I used to act weird at times. I used to overthink a lot. That how am I going to get over this curse? I tried my best to seek any help regarding surrogacy. And Lotus clinic is not bothered. they do not care from what circumstances their patients are going through. that’s not good to say. But serving humanity well should be their concern. I tried my extreme best to contact them. that’s very rude of any clinic. I would not recommend that clinic. their cruelty is justified indeed. I wish you good luck.


    Thank you all of you for informing regarding this clinic. I am surely going to attend this seminar. I’m a single mother. I am professionally connected to the medical industry. I live in London city so I would like to know more about this. As surrogacy has become an industry in underdeveloped countries. There is a lack of original drugs related to infertility. In many cases, I came to known that poor quality medicine causes miscarriages. I have looked into their website. Biotexcom Center for Human Reproduction is an experienced institute in the treatment of infertility. I would personally like to talk to their representatives. Also, I am interested in providing medicines to the less privileged. Best of luck to the team. Hope to see you guys in London on the 18th and 19th of August.


    Wow! it’s the great news for me. I was deciding to visit BioTexCom in the upcoming months for having surrogacy. However, they are coming here very soon. Can you please mention their dates too? And what will be the venue?? I already have a boy through surrogacy. I hope this time, I’ll get success too. Pray for me!


    Hey, @brownhails thanks for this post. Yes, they are looking to arrange a seminar about infertility treatments. Dates and venue are not announced yet but they will make an announcement very soon. They always make efforts in this regard. I would request those people to attend this seminar who says odd things about surrogacy. Come and clear up your misconceptions. God bless us.


    We are quite optimistically waiting for this opportunity. I need to register with them for surrogacy. I have heard so much about this clinic. BiotexCom will definitely be welcomed in our country. In the UK the rate of infertility is 1 in every 10 couples. That is the very alarming situation. We hope the clinic will provide economy in the treatment procedures.


    Biotexcom is no doubt one of the best clinic in Europe. On their site they have mentioned they are arranging a seminar soon. Venue and dates of events are not decided yet. I am really very excited about that event. I hope everything goes well. I am desperately waiting for this event. Stay blessed


    Wow, that’s a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. I remember the times when I had my surrogacy from Biotexcom. It’s the best clinic in Ukraine. I am a mother now with the help of their best treatment. The best thing is that they are arranging a seminar. I am really very excited about it. Wish you the best of luck


    Hi Brown. i just saw your post. I am happy to see you are helping many couples. Thanks for letting Ips know about the event. People desperately wants to know about clinics and experiences. Finding the right clinic is hard. As many scams are also in action. I also had a bad experience. But luckily, i didn’t waste my money. After that i read many positive reviews about a Ukraine clinic. I discussed it with my husband and we both agreed to try our luck. We moved to Ukraine for treatment. Staff was cooperative and friendly. They explained the procedure and the legal contract. We decided on surrogacy. They found a surrogate for us. Last year, our surrogate gave birth to a health baby. Our family is complete. All thanks to them.


    Hi there, Today I visit this forum and found very helpful. Well, I wanna share an excited new over there. yeah! There is an Event goona holding soon in London. This event is related to surrogacy and IVF. Hope this event will helpful for you guys. Good Luck


    Thank you for sharing awareness. I myself have opted for the clinic for my process. They are doing an excellent job so far. The manager that was assigned to us has been of great help. She made sure that everything made sense to us. They have checked every information with us twice just to ensure that there is no error. I like how systematic they are. Really hoping for the best.


    Hi there! I hope you are feeling better now. So that clinic is coming to London. I m glad because i had my treatment at that clinic so i know how successful that is. Just mark the date on your calender and make sure you go there. They will answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction. I had both of my surrogacies there and it was a success. Just because of this clinic now i’m a mother of two beautiful babies. I hope this helps other people as well. Good luck! Stay blessed!

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