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Got a question then we are here to help!  You will find below an extensive list of frequently asked questions that are there to guide you.  If you can’t find what you are looking for then get in touch with us.

VIP Mums was created by Gavin Rookyard who Founded the successful business community UK Business Circle, and Netty Black the owner of Ready To Go Art.

Two business owners, who joined forces to combine their skills and passion for family, and VIP Mum’s was born.  First and foremost above any business, family comes first.

We are all parents who wanted to use our business skills and parenting needs, to create a community of amazing Mums,  Business Owners and Support Professionals, can help & connect all child related needs in one single place.

Yes, you can join VIP Mums 100% FREE with the VIP Mums Star membership.

There are three other membership options to choose from Shooting Star, Superstar & Megastar which are all paid monthly subscriptions.

It’s really easy to join and takes less than two minutes, all you need to do is click on the register link on the top menu and choose a Membership package that suits you.

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Our payment gateway is with stripe.

Yes, we have ssl on our website, and do our best to make it as secure as we can.

To find out what membership level you are on, just click on the button below.

My Membership Level

Yes, you can change your membership level at anytime, please note if you are using certain features you may lose all the content and we will not be able to retrieve this for you.

Yes, you can cancel you membership at anytime, please note that all your content will be lost and we cannot retrieve this for you.

After you have registered sign you will be able to complete your member profile, you can add a member avatar image and add lots of other content, like about yourself and your interests, your business, social media links and lots more.

All you need to do is click on the add friend button.

Yes, if for whatever reason you don’t want to be friends anymore, you can unfriend them.

To share your business content and updates you can post in the live activity feed, within groups you are a member of and in the forums.

Yes you can add your business website, and all your social media links to your member profile. It’s great to showcase your website and social media accounts to others.

Notifications are displayed in the menu bar at the top and in your members profile, it updates regular to see if another member has sent you a message, friend request commented on any of your activity, articles, forums post or events.

If you have a new notification it will show in blue.

Yes, you can send other VIP Mums members private messages, this is really good for if you are looking for more information about an event, product or service. You can do this from the members section and all private messages and conversations will be displayed in you account area.

You will get a notification and an e-mail. notifications are displayed in the top menu and your member profile. You will be able to respond to your private message from here.

Yes, you can search for other members easily, you can search via members name, categories, keywords or location. The search bar in the top menu will also give you suggestions as you start to type making it really easy for you.

Groups are to engage and discuss everything related to your area of expertise, the people who need your help or are interested in the same topics. To find out more about groups please click on the button below.

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You will get an e-mail and also a notification in the menu bar and in your members profile. You can also subscribe to others peoples forum posts and get notifications for them also.

You will get an e-mail and also a notification in the menu bar and in your members profile when someone comments on your activity posts.

Yes, all members with a completed profile can add events.

If you have added events you can choose an option to allow other members to book tickets, they cannot make payment through our website however you can contact them to make payment.

Yes, all members with a completed profile can add articles.

Search results are automatically set to show the most active users first, the more you use the website the higher you will rank. You can change to also search by alphabetical order or newest members.

Yes, we do offer advertising spaces, please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

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No, we currently don’t have an affiliate scheme, however if you think you could pass members onto us, then please get in touch.

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Please click on the button below to read VIP Mums Terms & Conditions.

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To become a VIP Mums member is really easy, just click on the register button below and you will be a member in no time at all.

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