My 3rd #Blog with VIPMums by Marie-Jayne


3. #Blog 09/07/2019

Earning money at age 15 years!

Hello, Marie-Jayne here with my 3rd ever blog on VIPMums Blogging Platform.

In my last blog I reminisced what it was like growing up in Wiltshire, in what I thought was the country and that nowhere else had countryside like we did, how naive I was, but then again I thought the Black n White days was actually Black n White, no colours anywhere and then we got a TV, one of the few neighbours at the time and we had 3 channels. It was rented from Radio Rentals and later they threw in a black n white TV because my parents were loyal customers and paid on time! Although the picture wasn’t great it worked, OMG look at us now! Hard to get loyalty anywhere, but wow what technology we’ve got!

Channel 4 came out in my disco days and it was great to get home to late TV in the 80’s with my mates, maybe a bit too merry, but the music was great.

A year before I started going down town and drinking every weekend from Thursday to Sunday, I was 15 at senior school and was earning money, my mum paid me to iron everyone’s clothes, I got 1p an item, 5p for a shirt and then my sister was starting a full time job and had to stop doing her pocket money job, this was when I took over.

Today we have scratch cards implemented by the National Lottery, but before they took over, I had my sister’s customers to attend to.

Every week on various housing estates we would knock on the agreed door at a set time on a particular day, these people looked forward to seeing me and it was nice seeing these friendly faces within my home town, I grew my rounds to 3 estates, when I knocked at a regular customer, the joy I’d get when they had friends round, as they would also purchase, Friday nights was a good earner for me, the scratch cards are the same as we have now, but priced at 25p each, any winnings I would pay out the following week and hope they’d spend their winnings on more tickets, it was easy to see if the customer was a winner as it’s simply scratch off the panel, big money had to be given by the man who I got the tickets from and then my mates at school were interested, so we did a deal.

I used to have the ticket man turn up at my house every month to deliver by hand the scratch cards, he would collect the previous unused tickets, used winning tickets and the money I had collected, less my commission, I always loved reaching my target, for every 25p ticket I sold I earned 5p, well my mates came in and I had 2 of them selling some of my batch of tickets and they would earn 4p a ticket, so every ticket they sold I made a penny, then with my 5p I was onto a good thing.

To add to this I delivered our local freebie newspaper, thankfully on the estate where I lived, there was 400 houses and I got 1p a paper, so every week I was guaranteed £4.00 and that leads me onto my experience delivery our local paper, which the police had to get involved. I guess I’ll leave you now and start another blog about that, catch up soon and have a great day from Marie-Jayne. x


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