Being a parent bullied on the school run!

As a child I was lucky to escape being bullied, don’t get me wrong I was in situations, but I would not class that as being bullied, always thought this was children just growing up and learning how they should behave and as an adult, as adults would never bully, “it’s just a kid thing” I thought!

Wow! Was I Wrong!

It isn’t just kids, to my horror adults do it too!

For a year I was bullied on the school run by some rather pathetic parents and had to provide evidence to prove this was happening. I managed to get phone call recordings of threats, video footage of being chased in my car, footage of the bullies hiding and following me and more, it went to court, but because of inaccurate evidence submitted to the cps from the defence the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) dismissed my case for fear of failing.

I so wish I had not let the CPS take on my case and had got my own solicitor, we would have had justice and I would not be here writing this, nearly two years later.

BUT, even though the bullies walk away from having a criminal record, they still want to torment me, over and over on the school run, I am on my guard all the time, as they accuse me of so many more fictitious crimes, one crime was that I attempted to run over one of the bullies as well as her baby in a buggy, for 4 hours I was in the police station proving I was innocent, so I record my car journey to school using a car camera and invested in a Go-Pro body camera.

It’s awful having to watch my back, but now with the Go-Pro it gave me confidence and then the bully passes me and says “your head should have been smashed in a long time ago, when me and Danni see you next your head is going to be smashed in”

 I am still blown away, to think why oh why do these bullies still continue, I had done nothing wrong apart from help a vulnerable family not be evicted.

So obviously I have the recording now on my Go-pro, which also shows, I never provoked them. I now have evidence that they are still not leaving me alone, so I contact the police.

I book an appointment go to the police station to make a statement as this sort of behaviour should not be acceptable, to be told that the bullies had also put in an allegation about me and that no statement can be taken until both parties have been spoken to and that I will need to be interviewed as well regards these allegations, totally out of order as I have my Go-Pro as evidence.

 I get rather upset in the police station, not as in tearful as in angry as I am told nothing much can be done, OMG so I’m told to report incidents that happen to the police, why even bother I was under the impression more than once was classed as bullying, but no my last incident was in the July, reported to the police and spoken to, that is closed and has nothing to do with our new threat, simply 2 months later, they do not link them together.

I would love to know if you as an adult has or is being bullied?

How it has or is affecting you?

How your school handled the issues of parents bullying you in or out of school?

What action did your local police station offer you?

Did you get justice?

Has it stopped?

It’s embarrassing, you are belittled, made to feel uncomfortable, Isolated, not knowing who to trust, watching your back, the list goes on, this must STOP

To affect me like this, it’s been an awful experience and to have this happen to a child, I can see how alone and scared they must feel, as if I as an adult have no control how on earth do children think people will listen to them.

For the last 2 years I have been trying to prove my case and will not give up until I see some sort of change with how the CPS has so much control of court outcomes.

I would love to hear your views, I’ve put this topic within our forums would be great to hear about your being bullied situations!


from you from Netty at VIPMums x


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