You may think that a Baby Shower is a modern day phenomenon, but you would be mistaken.
For centuries we have been celebrating pregnancy and the imminent arrival of a precious little bundle of joy, rituals from all over the world have been recorded through time.
In ancient Egypt, rituals relating to the birth of a child took place after the event itself. Unlike modern baby showers, this involved the mother and the child being separated to “contain and eliminate the pollution of birth” – this may have included visiting local temples or shrines. After this, there may also have been household rituals that took place, but the specifics have been found hard to study as these are such female-centred events.
There are records of ceremonies from ancient India, ancient Greece, medieval and Renaissance Europe.
Fast forward to Victorian Britain where women would keep their pregnancies secret in order to uphold the proper standards of the time. However after the birth, other women would gather and hold tea parties for the new mum. Gifts at these events were usually hand-made but the grandmother gave a gift made from silver.
The modern Baby Shower (more as we know it) began in North America in the 1940’s and 50’s as post war women were expecting the baby boom generation. As in earlier eras, when young women married and were provided with trousseaux, the shower served the function of providing the mother and her home with useful material goods.
Today’s Baby Showers are full of fun and games against beautiful backdrops. Whether it’s decorating your home for a friend’s Shower and having games such as guess the baby’s stats or handing out baby advice cards, there are some stunning products available to make the celebration extra special.
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